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Dave A

After months of looking and reading I have finally ordered something well over what I was planning on spending and have gone for a Pioneer 436XDE. Was going for the Hitachi 7200, it was a good price, but I saw it running next to the 436 and just liked the look and picture better of the 436. :clap:

I’ve paid £2,377 for just the screen from PRC. They have the screen in stock, which many places did not. :eek:

Just need some reassurance at this point that I have done the right thing, please be gentle with me. :lease:

PS any one recommendations for a good cheap flat wall mount :confused:


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got mine today,just finthe initial setup with help from lads on this forum,i know its been posted but can someone who has one give me a set of good"run in " settings to start off with please including wich screen size to use? im so tired i cant think anymore,been at it since 11 30 this afternoon and being a bit disabled i think ive overdone it!
so any help is welcome,
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