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Join or Stitch .mts files


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I have a macbook ( Preferred option) and a PC and would like to stitch all my .mts files together and copy them to my PS3 so it reads it as one large file without losing any quality.

Whats the best software to allow me to do this, as I cant find any information on this process.


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the *. mts files are AVCHD files
Any software capable of editing AVCHD is what you need to do this

AFAIK imovie08 does for the mac. You have a lot more variety for the PC

However Nero Vision 5 ( Part of Nero 8) would be my first choice for simple editing and AVCHD output for PS3 playback


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I would imagine that just simply joining the files is basic editing.

I imagine Toast should be able to do that

The files tend to be separate each time you pause, ect .

As such rejoining them in software is merely a matter of lining them up in software and outputting ( back to AVCHD) without any gaps


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Yes, stitching together is just a simple form of editing; though I think the OP is looking for something that won't need to re-encode; not sure if Toast (or anything) does smart, lossles AVCHD editing.


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Thanks for the quick reply's, I dont really want to edit the footage as everything I have tried so far you lose quality a motion when editing it out into another format.

As such, I really want a solution to stitch the .mts files together into one large file as its far easier to manage. It's anoying that it creates each file everytime you record a new scene, as it would be great to have a option for one large file on the camcorder.


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Joining the files clips to create a single file amounts to editing , even if you dont alter the footage in any other way
Im not sure if your camcorder is a Sony and you have PMB. It can combine the files but Im unsure if it works on the Mac
As for loss of quality, why do you think that should happen?, I have joined AVCHD files from the Canon HG 10 with Nero Vision 5 with no difference to original files..
Imovie08 does seem to alter output quality but you can use something else


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As said previously there should be no loss of quality when joining/stiching files if your target output is exactly the same as the origional files.
Just check the render properties in the editor.

I have even converted AVCHD files to HDV and IMO there seems to be little or no loss of quality.
If your editor renders the footage fairly quickly then it's probably not re-encoding


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I purchased Roxio Toast and while it supports the ability to stitch together AVCHD formatted files (e.g. .mts or .m2ts), it only supports burning the files to a Blue-ray formatted disc (DVD or Blue-ray media). This actually works well, but I also want the ability to save the finished file in native AVCHD format so I can load it up on a backup disk archive or PS3.

I am hoping that Roxio updates their software to support this feature.

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