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This hasn´t had much mention on the Forum but watched it the other night. Pretty good film to be honest. Without giving too much away, its about a down on their luck family in financial problems whose son is taken ill and needs a lifesaving operation. It shows just what lengths someone is prepared to go to for their loved ones. Stars Denzel Washington as the father and co-stars Robert Duvall, Anne Heche, James Woods & Ray Liotta.

Its a New Line Cinema release and seems to recorded at a fairly high level (like LOTR). It has a decent quality image (Anamorphic 1.85:1) and a pretty good soundtrack as well. Also has a DTS track though thats not mentioned on the cover.

Worth a look anyway.:)


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Saw this movie on the way to Thailand for my hollybobs...

...and I don't think there was dry eye on the plane. I'm sure even the pilot had a tear in his eye.

...come on - you know the bit I mean...

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