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John Lewis TV Experience.

Problem either with Samsung or John Lewis?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Never purchased from John Lewis

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • Never purchased a Samsung

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Not purchased from either

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters


Standard Member
Has anyone else had problems with this retailer. Here's my experience.

We purchased a new Samsung 32 5500 TV from John Lewis and when the item was delivered it was damaged (finger marks on screen, a scratch on screen and the bevel is cracked). So we arranged the return and ordered a replacement.
The replacement has arrived which is also damaged but with less damage, finger prints on the screen and a small 1" scratch far left but decided to keep it as you don't see the marks but I do suspect that these TV unit are not as advertised being new. All my Samsung TV's have had screen covers and both of these have not, also the energy efficiency label is stuffed in the box when usually this is on the screen protection.

Having just spoken with John Lewis customer services they are refusing to refund the first TV purchase as we opened the box :eek:. I'll raise the issue with trading standards and fully believe I'll have no issue in the end but they are saying I damaged the unit. I arranged the return the same day as delivery and ordered another unit on the same afternoon so why would I cause it damage? And how can you see damage without opening the box? I Won't say how I feel as this is not an opinion post its a genuine question.

I feel this is far from the brand and guarantee that should be expected in the UK and wonder how genuine the 5 year warranty advertised is from them as I've bought several TV's before from them.

Anyhow I just wondered has anyone else had this problem either with Samsung or John Lewis?



Prominent Member
Go into a store - the people you speak to on the phone don't work for John Lewis

mark abbeyman

Novice Member
It depends on where you are, they ARE all JLP staff in my area but i know that they also used a company called Be-Cogent. I won't buy from John Lewis and i worked for them for 16 years. Even when i worked for them i didnt buy much from them at all. I was 8 years in the warehouse and then 8 years out on delivery driving all over central scotland. We had many regular customers who had goods delivered regularly, and different things. Its unusual for them to treat customers like that. I have had this treatment from Currys and i wont buy from them again. The TV i bought in Nov' was away for 10 days for repair and they messed it all up, by coming to return my TV and then finding that MY TV wasnt on the van! Next time they couldnt find it either, because they had put it in the wrong box! It finally came back later on Saturday afternoon and appears to be working fine!
I would suggest that you go into a store and talk face-to-face with them. Its nonsense for them to refund because the package was opened, of course its going to be opened! Also make sure your rights are unaffected because JLP can be slithery that way. I havent worked since 2014, they made it impossible for me in the job and once i was out they saw to it that i didnt get any benefits. I was ill when i came out of there and i still am. They talk about supporting their staff members and helping all they can; they didnt help me. I would not go near a john lewis store now. Even if i'm in town i wont go near, if it means a ten minute walk around it to get to the shops i do it. In a way they did me a favour because at least i didnt have to go into that hellish place again. They are slippery because when things go wrong they have a habit of turning on the delivery drivers to discredit them and make life hard for them. They will believe a member of the public rather than listen to their drivers. We had people who phoned in saying that we tried to run them off the road, or we were driving dangerously; total rubbish, it was because they knew they had a good chance of getting something from John Lewis for nothing.


Established Member
I would go back to the store and complain.

Generally I have found John Lewis ok. One tv I bought from them broke down and they told me to order a replacement online.

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