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John Lewis to take my Plasma away for Xmas!?


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One of the main reasons I purchased my Plasma from JL was because of the excellent reports of customer service.

Unfortunately, due to the dreaded "purple snakes" problem on my 37PX600 I've had to contact JL.

I phoned the store I bought it from and the man I spoke to said he'd never heard of this fault before. He said he would forward the details to an engineer who would contact me within 48 hours. He then said that the set would probably have to be taken away for repair, and due to the fact that Christmas is near, I may unfortunately be without my TV over Xmas :eek: :mad:

I asked if I would be given a replacement set but he thought I meant a loan set, to which he replied "we may be able to loan you a set but I doubt it would be a 37 inch". :(

I then said that if the engineer confirms that the set is faulty, would I not be offered a replacement set? He said no, as it has been over 28 days. (I have had the TV for under 3 months). He said the set would have to be repaired.
I was not very happy with this but didn't argue too much just yet.

I then telephoned "Consumer Direct" and asked them for some advice. They stated that JL were within their rights to attempt to repair the set, although they sympathised with my position. Apparently they must repair it without causing significant inconvenience and within a reasonable amount of time. I said that being without my £1400 TV over the festive period is a significant inconvenience. CD agreed but said that a Judge would have to acknowledge this :rolleyes:

I have even had the TV calibrated by Forum member Piers (Thanks Piers). He confirmed that the fault is definitely with the TV, so I have no worries that the engineer JL send out will argue.

I am really p***** off over this. I thought JL were going to be a pleasure to deal with but the first signs are not very encouraging.

DJ Mike

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Hold on... I thought JL's 5-year warranty included a temporary replacement set at ANY time during the 5 years if they needed to take your TV away? If that's not the case, then it's certainly not what I was told when I bought my current TV! :(


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Seems like they have offered him a replacement set, just not like for like? I don't expect they have many loaner plasmas lying around, wonder what they do use?


If the set is still viewable maybe wait till after the Christmas period and sort it in the new year when your back to work?


If the set is still viewable maybe wait till after the Christmas period and sort it in the new year when your back to work?

I agree with Stevie. I've got a noise issue with my TV but, as it is usable, I'm waiting until the New Year before instigating a replacement or repair.

David :)


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They might lend you a 42" plasma ask them whats availible ;)


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Thanks for the replies.
I'm going to weigh up my options after speaking to the engineer.
"Loan me a 42 inch" - now that would be nice. I could then try and convince my wife that we really should've gone for the 42". Trouble is I'd then definitely need JL to give me a refund before going out shopping for a 42". :)


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Hey Phil

Just wondering if there was any update on this?


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