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This may not be news to any of you but I bought a Panny TX26LXD50 yesterday from John Lewis as my previous TV had died. They were selling for £849 so I asked about price matching and they said just buy it and give them a ring with the comparison.

Got home looked it up on and found a shop the other end of the country selling for £735 +£20 delivery. Phoned them up and had a "discussion" about their price matching being only against local retailers - ended up they price matched and refunded me £90 there and then! Plus I got the JL 5 year guarantee - now I can settle down and watch my new box...


Well done on following through. It is rather tiring in this day and age to have stupid price matching policies based on locality. Obviously the power of the internet has not yet dawned on these retailers.

Nice to see they do have some reason though. That being selling TV = ££££. I tip my hat to John Lewis :thumbsup:


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currys online are selling a TV for £1327 but JL online is £1749. do you think they would price match?


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Even though some stores may say they only price match against local retailers they're wrong as is shown by the official JL pricing policy -

"Our promise to you extends beyond the local area to cover any conventional shop in the UK where you find the same item on display at a lower shelf-edge price with the same availability and terms. "

RyanK said:
currys online are selling a TV for £1327 but JL online is £1749. do you think they would price match?
JL Online don't do price matching at all.


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I would recommend get the price match first though rather than buying you're TV from John Lewis and then trying to get a refund of the difference. Remember they will only pricematch if the other store has stock, so you could find yourself buying the TV from John Lewis and then you're chosen comparison store suddenly runs out of stock and remember the policy only applies for 28 days.

I just recently saved nearly £500 when I got my local JL to pricematch against Crampton & Moore for a Sharp LC37P50E. :)


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Neilmcl - I agree they tried that with me too. I just pointed them to that very sentence in their pricing policy!!

I've no real criticism of JL - they are only trying to protect their margins. It does bring into play an old debate regularly raised on these boards about the imapct that some of these "bricks and clicks" suppliers are going to have on the whole electronics market in the future.

JLs price is probably to pay for their "impartial" advice and huge prime location stores - with the internet becoming all pervasive I wonder how long they can afford to offer price matching.

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