John Lewis Price Match Questions!


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Hi All,

Apologies if this been brought up before but as I understood things, one can only do a price match per item so if you wish to buy two of the exact same product, you cannot just get one price match & then order two products - you have to go through the hassle of applying for two separate price match requests.

I did this today & one the first one, I got a flat refusal with some strange reasons which were:

1) They do not apply cash-backs from any sales entity (which I know is not true)
2) They cannot/will not offer the alternative of a Blu-Ray Player as they had no stock (how is that the customers fault?)
3) They would not match the competitors longer warranty as it was not in their T&C's
4) They would not offer/match the competitors extra offer of a free wall mount unless they stocked the exact same one & they had no way of ascertaining this.

So basically bugger all from this request!

I did another price match for the exact same product (in my sister's name) & got an email that they have accepted my price match request with the competitor (although no free wall mount or matching of the longer warranty) which I am happy with.

I would like to ask, how/why does this happen & how does one mitigate against this? Did I just get an awkward person dealing with my first request & can one then:

1) Apply for another price match with exactly the same details
2) Will another "same" price match request be flagged on their system as already being rejected
3) How many times can one make the same price match request for the same item & with the same details
4) Should there be a time limit between making the price match requests?

Obviously, I would be looking to buy during the BK sales & possibly soon after but would like the surety of having price matches for both items & buy & pay for them at the same time.

If anyone knows on how best to deal with John Lewis, please kindly slet me know!

Many Thanks!


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The way I deal with price matching is , if they are being problematic or giving you a hard time , just think what it would be like if you had to deal with a warranty issue . I walk away and purchase from a better company that would value it's customers .


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Submit multiple price matches to JL, there is no limit on how many you submit.


Many thanks for that - I had submitted two on this set a a few on others but quite a few seemed to be either answered by and /or deferred to the same "inflexible"person on the first PM submitted - no matter on what on what products I sent price matches on - this particular guy refused each & every single one!

When my 2nd price match for the same product was accepted by another person & I received an email of such with instructions, I went ahead & ordered 2 of the items I wanted based on this statement from the email:

"When placing your order, you will be charged full price initially and then refunded once you have confirmed that you are keeping the order. A maximum of 10 items can be ordered.

This price match is valid for one order only and cannot be shared with friends or family. Please also note that the price match above is only valid for orders placed with and cannot be used in store. You should place your order within 28 days from today. If you are unable to place your order within 28 days, please submit a new request via our website."

The way I read this is that the price match given is valid for buying up to ten of the same items as long as they are ordered together at the same time & in one transaction - is that correct?

As I've had a some issues with JL with refunds not being issued & getting lost, I just wish to double check in case I have problems with them possibly not price matching the second set bought.

Many Thanks!

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