John lewis price match query


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Hi All sorry if this is a stupid question but the john lewis price match deal. is htis purely for high street stores? i mean i cant go in there and say this website is offering this set at this price and they'll match it?

I'm assuming its only high street sotres they'll price match?


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Hi Chris,

I've just been reading the "Sticky" John Lewis thread at the top of this forum about this.

They will only price match with an actual store, not an online company unless they have a store, and then only with the shop price. Also the price must be shown at the shelf edge. Another thing is it must be in stock at the time.

They seem to be getting fussier about price matching nowadays. That five year old guarantee is so worth having and they are good at replacing faulty items too. Dixons and a lot of other charge £500 for a five year guarantee on a 43" Pioneer Plasma, which is why John Lewis are generally more expensive!


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Think they now want it to be a bricks and mortar property with actual stock of the item they're matching within a set radius of the store.

So in other words another shop that sells the item you want in the same town as that John Lewis.


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I see, but you imply that JL don't take the warranty into account, is this right?

For example, if JL have a TV for £1000, the other shop has the same TV for £800 plus £300 for a 5 year warranty - will JL price-match the £800? (even though the 'other' shop is more expensive at £1100 for the same terms and conditions as JL)


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Thanks for the info.. but i think the extra £450 JL charge is more than i'd wish to pay extra.. i'll take my chance, as i've always done. ;)


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so if i want the 32ld7200 from john lewis and richer sounds shelf edge is £1199.99 but when i call up richer sounds and say it's £1099.99 on their website and they say sure we'll give it to you for that, then john lewis will only match the £1199.99 price?

also what happens to the guarantee offered by john lewis?

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