John Lewis Laptops..


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I wouldn't normally go anywhere near John Lewis for computer gear, believe me, :suicide:

but i have several hundred pounds of wedding vouchers left over from last year and need to spend them...i fancy a new laptop...:D

i already have a desktop audio PC from Carrilon which is wonderful for my music apps...:rotfl:

the Laptop would be for sittin in the lounge workin in Office, on-line browsing, occasional multi-media playback, no gaming or anything to intense...

which of the sub-1000 ones would you recommend of this's free money! :smashin:


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Go for one of the Sony's or a Toshiba - both excellent bits of kit.

By the way, why are you so defensive about purchasing from John Lewis? The fact that they offer better warranties than any company I know should make them very attractive - two years in the case of laptops.

Go for it.




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after my experience of trying to buy an LCD telly off John Lewis i am a bit wary of them..:rolleyes:

however, the sony and toshiba looked good enough to me, was really just checkin to see that those models weren't overpriced or older models etc...

and what difference would in notice between the cheaper tosh and the more expensive sonys?

as ever, the avforums advice is invaluable! :clap:

definitely the most useful internet site i have found in the last year!

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