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Following a purchase on this forum I contacted John Lewis to make sure that the 2 year guarantee would transfer to me ok. I thought that it might be helpful to others to post the result of that contact.

The guarantee does not automatically transfer but, if the person selling the item contacts JL to advise them of the sale, JL will alter their records to show the new owner. The person I purchased from was happy to do that and everything is now in place.


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I would contact John Lewis and ask the question. When I purchased an expensive item on here some months ago it had only been purchased some months before. The person I was buying from contacted John Lewis and the item was transferred to my name so the warranty then came to me. I hope that you can sort it out with JL who I have always found to be very good.


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I am sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place but hope some one can help me. As title states are John Lewis warranties transferable. I have a laptop that a relative bought my son last year from John Lewis. They gave me origonal Tutuapp 9apps Showbox receipt and paper work when they gave laptop to my son. Laptop is still under warrenty but has started to go wrong I think hard drive has failed. If I contact John Lewis will they honor warrenty if I did not buy it my self. Like I said I have origonal receipt and paper work. Any advice much appreciated
Not sure what the underline is supposed to mean? Most of the time these questions are best answers by asking JL. Occasionally they do something different for each person that asks and their answer may depend on lots of things. It may not be a hard and fast rule that gives the same answer to all.

If you are asking for others’ experience in a similar situation fair enough. The answers for are not going to to be to your specific question as to whether or not JL will honour the warranty for you. I don’t think anybody can answer that except JL if you give them all the details and ask for their answer as applies to you. :)

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