John Lewis ending price match and removing ‘never knowingly undersold’ slogan


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Its hot them hard,you can't keep price matching everyone and expect to keep a decent margin to be able to pay staff and bills...i said this 10 years ago and got laughed at.When I worked for sony got ruthless people using us for "Demos" and advise only to waste our time by getting from elsewhere...then the cheeky gits came back to us asking us how to set things up!! Sorry you paid the money to the retailer's you brought it from! I've been out of that retail game since 2013 when we got made redundant that in its self is a horrible experience and I would imagine to a lot of people its happened to them....i bet its even more ruthless now...I also guess that since the whole covid thing has pushed online sales even more now....i think currys/pc world will be then next big casualty.

"People know the price of everything,and the value of nothing"


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Yeah JL does struggle but it's mainly government fault for not protecting national businesses. Amazon pays pennies in regard to tax making billions profit and HRMC knows that but can't do anything. I think once we get out from EU then HRMC could gain some powers back and tax foreign entrants as they should. Meanwhile whilst undecided nation delays exit businesses and poor nation are taking hit.

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