John Lewis/Comet...awful service/Demo


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I have just been to Cheedle in greater Manchester to look for a Plasma screen, basically to check out the LG MZ42PZ44 and the Panasonic TH37PA20BSYS.
John Lewis was first port of call..
The bloke stunk of Booze and really knew nothing about the product saying things like " well if that's what you've read sir then it must be true" and wasn't prepared to link up a dvd player so I could see what the RGB input was like???
I went on to COMET.
Same attitude...And again a split weak analogue signal..I saw more herringbone than my local fish mongers!!
Again I asked for a digital input and again the answer was no.
What is wrong with these people!?

So, now my question...can anyone tell me a great online site with good prices that may be able to do part finance or interest free etc, because I have had it with these muppets.

Wasn't a waste of my time at all..


Chris (Mr Angry)


I had better service at JL in Bristol and got a guy to pull a dvd player and component cables off display and connect it up using component video instead of the standard RF feed. Also got him to test the audio input through AV4 whilst using component input.

Admittedly he didn't know much about the products but service was not an issue.
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