John Lewis - 5 year guarantee


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I have recently had a couple of problems with a sharp 15" LCD. The black light has started to buzz quite loud when turned to low and I sometimes get bad motion blur.

I have taken it in to JL and told them what the issues are and explained that the motion blur is intermittent, however the Buzz is quite easy to spot. I have recieved two calls now from them saying there is nothing wrong with the tv. I advised them that there is as I purchased two sets and the other one is fine.

I have called sharp and they advised that there is an issue with the back light and JL will have to send the set back and pay for the repairs.

Now this begs the question that is JL doing everything to stop a charge for the repairs (it could cost more than the set is worth) and if this is the case are they only using the5year guarantee to get people to buy from them.

Has anybody had a similar issue with JL?
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