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“Star Wars for a new generation”

That really is quite a claim for any new movie. So is this an innovative Sci-Fi adventure with a clear story line, re-telling the age old battle between good and evil with cutting edge special effects and expansive sets? Err, no. It’s a muddled, complicated movie where you get the impression that even the actors had not a clue what was going on! The CGI is good and of course Green Screen has replaced the need for Ben Hur sized sets on the whole. Shot largely in the UK with an international crew, it follows Star Wars in this respect at least.

The main reason for me wanting to review this movie was for its 3D content. We nearly came unstuck from the start, as the disc refused to play in 3D, just bringing up a warning message, with the TV flickering between 2D and 3D. This is on a fairly standard Panasonic BDT110 linked via a Sony AV amp to a Panasonic TXP42GT20 with network access for firmware updates, so...

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Thanks for the review Matthew,in some ways i quite enjoy the movie,the 2D p/q was not that bad,but found the soundtrack rather flat.

Got the US one coming,hopefully can compare the two :)

Yes, I'd be interested to know how the US disc compares.

golden phoenix

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i watched the 2D version recently without having seen it before, and just thought it was an average fantasy more or less..wont be making the leap to 3D on this one though, thanks for the review.

one last thing, the uk discs seem to be getting lazy by putting the 2d/3d films on the same disc, instead of having separate discs tut wonder people import!
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Just to clarify, the 3D disc is seperate to the 2D disc, as is standard on Disney releases.

There is nothing wrong with the 2D visual quality, it's the conversion to 3D that lets it down. My comments on the PQ should be read as for the 3D disc except where noted.

Glad you enjoyed the review though!

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