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Glad to see you're logged on, I wonder if you could help me?

I am 'about' to order a plasma (Panasonic 42") after promising my Daughter I would buy one and have it up and running by Xmas.

After much research in these threads, I'm none the wiser to all these connection methods that are discussed.

I subscribe to the TeleWest BroadBand TV/InterNet package, so initially only want to view Digital TV, although later on I would like to add DVD/VCR/PC/Speaker connections.

Can you advise (recommend) what equipment I would need to purchase now and which units I could add in the future.



Sorry.............maybe I shouldn't have addressed the original post to Joe specifically - (I've just sat here and watched 20 people view it and not one reply).

I would appreciate advice from anybody that has any experience in purchasing, installing and connecting a plasma.

As I said, I'm only interested in viewing TV initially but would like to add the other components in the future.

Baited breath and all that...


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Panasonic - excellent choice.

You're wanting to connect up:

How much do you want to use the PC on the screen? For viewing movies and playing games, it's fine. For working with word processors and spreadsheets, best to stick with a standard monitor.

Telewest and DVD would both be able to output RGB, which can be connected to your screen, to either the VGA or RGBHV inputs via an RGB to Plasma VGA unit. Some DVDs have component video ouput, which is does make connections easier, but RGB is slightly sharper.

VCR you'll need to use SCART to Composite connection.

Many people opt to have a seperate amplifier and surround sound system. This may also be worth a look if you're going down the DVD route.

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I can do without the PC, so not an issue.

I assume I don't need the seperate 'tuner' and just plug the TeleWest PACE box directly into the Plasma.

If I then wanted Suround Sound, would I need to purchase a DVD with the additional 5 x speaker system and in that case would I need an amp. Also, when looking for a DVD, what should I be looking for to reduce the discussed 'lip sync' problem?

Thanks again


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I purchased a Panny plasma from Joe a couple of months ago the best Home Cinema purchase I've ever made.

I have my Digibox hooked up to the RGB to VGA converter unit and the pictures on most channels are first class.

As for a DVD player I would be looking for one with component connections as the picture this delivers to my Panny are top notch and no lip sync problems as far as I can see.

Hope this helps



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toonarmy has covered most of your questions.

As for which DVD player to go for, the lip-sync isn't normally a problem from this. There was a player that did suffer from it, but from memory it was quickly resolved by the manufacturer. Some A/V amps (abet, the more expensive ones) do have adjustments for lip-sync. Some people are more sensitive than others to this (and your brain sorts some of this out too - there's already a delay in processing sound in your ear).

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Dont be too overwhelmed by all the Techy stuff - its pretty straightforward getting a Plasma Display to work with your Home Entertainment system; it just requires a bit of planning, patience and a budget that stretches 5%-10% over the basic display cost.

A couple of points - possibly already covered by previous replies:

'Promising the Daughter' - now how come my Dad never delivered us a 42" TV when I was still at home!

'Promising the Daughter' - keep in mind that the Plasma Display is a Display and not a TV; the remote control and 'functions' are pretty basic and the family will have to learn that Telewest is on the button marked RGB1.

'Promising the Daughter' - one option to consider would be a Pioneer PDP-433HDE PlasmaTV - more money and potentially not quite as sharp a picture as the Panasonic Plasma Display but possibly more 'Family' friendly and not so demanding (expensive) as the Panasonic when it comes to marrying up a good DVD player.

Digital TV - pretty straightforward. As per John's suggestions the 'best' quality image from your Digibox will be achieved when using the Digibox set to output RGB (its in the picture menu - switch between PAL and RGB) and using one of John's VGA interface boxes between the Digibox and the Plasma Display. Some forgo the absolute 'best' picture quality and instead opt for one of John's RGB to Component or RGB to S-Video boxes and plug the Digibox into an AV amp with video and audio switching and then plug the AV amp into the Plasma Display (its sometimes 'easier' to operate a system this way).

'Later on I would like to add' - bear in mind that straight out the box the Plasma Display needs its optional speaker pack if you want sound; these are quite costly and not HiFi; good enough compared to a conventional TV sound but maybe not the best way to spend your cash in the long run when you are planning a DVD/AMP/Speaker package.

Budget - allow for around £200 for cables and converters, £160 for a wall mount or pedestal stand and £290 for the side mount speakers.

So pretty straightforward really - if you (and the family) can live with the 'simplicity' of the Panasonic Plasma Display its then a matter of deciding if you go for the Display + Simple speaker system now or stretch the budget to include a complete DVD/Surround Sound entertainment package from the start.

Trust this helps and keep in mind that a good Dealer will deliver 'everything' you require as a 'package' - including cables, converters, wiring plans, technical support etc.

Best regards


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