Jobo Giga Vu pro


:smashin: I dont really know where to post this as this device is aimed at the pro photographer and its not cheap (£345 for 40Gb version) but blimey its good and it happily plays MP3s, MP4s......well just about anything really.

What your getting here is a professional quality product completely encased in rubber so it can bounce, it has ports for just about everything you could wish for, you can download SD and flash cards straight to it (it can even do this over a WiFi link) this thing has a dedicated fast processor built in and thats where things get it also has a joystick ! But the thing that seperates it from everything else is the incredible screen resolution coupled with a super bright image. Photos are revealed with smaller size but no less detailed than the best of laptop displays and video runs faultlessly on screen.

Read the specs

This thing is every bit as good as the specifications say !

So, its too big for a pocket Mp3 player.....yes I know, but it can still do it and do it well and will make an iPod screen look pathetic. It can also do just about anything you can think of....although it does not have a radio.

Well, you could get a PDA to do virtually all of that far cheaper you say.....yes, in theory. But no where near the screen resolution this has and it will nevr feel as good in your hand or as robust or as easy to use (it really is so simple you can get going with it straight out of the box).

I could buy a laptop cheaper ? You could, but it would be far larger and although you would benefit from the extra screen size, the Jobo certainly competes.

I dont know where this fits in the gadget hierachy, but fit it certainly does. This is one amazing bit of kit and its worth bringing it to the attention of forum users.....from an owner of two Mp3 players, a laptop, two PDAs and a Dell PC with a high quality 19" flat panel.......I am seriously impressed with this device......and I bought it for my wife :(

heres a review

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