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Has anyong here tried to use or purchase some JM labs drive units:

I really like the sound from some of their professionally made speakers and quite fancy having a go at making my own but using their drive units.

I was thinking about picking one of thier high end models and then creating my own "cloan" including using the same drive units and crossovers (if I can get my hands on the cct diags - anyone help me ??).


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Interesting idea,Mark.

The real costs of high end speakers once the dealer and manufacturer profits are removed come in the cabinet work and the crossovers.
If you look at the components used in a lot of high-end crossovers the costs of duplicating them can be quite high,assuming that you can get details of the crossover frequencies and roll-off rates used for a particular drive unit/cabinet combination.

I'm not trying to pour cold water on the idea,only to point out some of the more common pitfalls in trying to reproduce a low cost version of a high end product.

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You will likely find that for the hi-end JMLABS you will have to give them the serial number of the speaker before they will sell you the spare drive units. You'll also find that the spare part price will be high.

Cabinets are the expensive bit as Alex says but that won;t stop them trying to ream you for spares.



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You should be able to buy the JM Labs drive units from various places, without buying 'spares'. You can certainly pickup the tweeters.

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I know from that if you want things like treble units for the really top models they will not sell them without prior knowledge of the exact speaker. There are other companies who use JM Lab drive units of course and I have no doubt it's going to be simple getting cheap models parts but if you want treble units form Grand Utopia's or osmehting like that I don't think they are going to make it that easy.

Of course if you know how to help the man COOL!



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I think you can go to the sorta £100+ level tweeters off the shelf.

JM Labs have always been good at being helpful so might be worth giving them a buz.


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Hmm. I feel a case of Deja-Vu.

Falcon acoustics are the 'available' Focal drive unit distributors for the UK and for the high end units you are looking at hundreds of pounds each. £450 tweeter, £750 bass would be nice. I would presume the drive units are a higher percentage of the end cost with JM-lab speakers as they manufacture their own. Not that I'm saying a Grand Utopia Be is cheap :D


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now, i might be wrong here (mostl likely the case:blush: )but don't focal make car speakers as well - which come with a driver a tweeter and a cross over? i know they do cos i have some in my car (they sound excellent BTW!). as a diy project, couldn't you just fabricate a box to put them in - or is this idea just stupid and i should just go away again? bear in mind i have no knowledge in this as Manuel would say "i know naathing"


Active Member do Focal speakers. IIRC £200 will get you a 6.5inch kevlar™ component set including crossover. the models below the Utopia's get criticised in the car hifi world because the tweeters are too harsh (as they're near the driver and passenger) but less of a deal in home hifi.

good idea


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I'm guessing that you've tried Focal/JmLab in the uk on:
0845 660 2680

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