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JL Viera/Stand/DVD Offer

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by feanor, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. feanor


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    This mail merely constitutes some advice to anyone who finds themself in the same position I was in a few weeks ago.

    I was late in discovering that JL was providing a free stand & dvd recorder with viera plasmas. That is, I'd bought one already from JL Direct - and paid for the stand. So I was £400 down, without a DVD recorder. The offer was not available on the web-site on the day I made my purchase.

    I wrote to JL customer service asking for the offer to be extended to me ("please send me £400 and a DVD recorder"). They said I'd have to return the plasma & stand, and re-order. Ludicrous.

    Cutting a long story short, we argued for a few weeks (obviously I didn't want to dismantle & repack the damn things, all at my own risk) and JL finally relented after I by-passed customer service & wrote to the chairman. So - if you make the same mistake I did, don't give in & send back your large, heavy, expensive equipment just so that JL have an easier time with their accounts. Stick to your guns (politely) and they'll eventually behave sensibly.

    Apparently, when 1 of the items goes out of stock (e.g. the DVD recorder), JL temporarily withdraws the promotion, but leaves the in-stock items on sale at the individual prices. Tho they said that, as a result of my problem, they may stop doing this...


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