JL Pricematch on 42pd5300 - £2700



Well just waiting for delivery of my 42PD5300 next Tuesday.

For info JL did a pricematch on a company in Bradford called Electro Saver 0800 6987 654, they don't seem to be on the net but advertise on a full page spread in What Video & Wide screen TV.

It was not all plain sailing as this company and PRC quoted different prices on my orginal call, but when JL called was slightly dearer. But I am pleased with this deal including the 5 year warranty and Hitachi free portable DVD player. JL price £3295 down to £2699, the cheapest I have been able to find was PRC direct at £2589, but this was only via the net (£50 + del dearer in store) with 1 year warranty.

Will post my findings of PQ and some pics.

another potencial great price match deal could be when richer sounds start doing the Panny PE30 at £2600, this price was orginally quoted on their site but now replaced with ?????


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After months of deliberating I took the plunge and opted for the Hitachi 42PD5300 as well.

It cost £2689 including stand, speakers, delivery, free Hitachi portable DVD player with 7 inch screen, and FIVE year warranty. I called JL on the Friday morning about doing a pricematch and they delivered the plasma the following Tuesday afternoon.

The picture quality with DVDs is stunning. :thumbsup:


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Whats the picture like with sky?


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I don't have Sky so I can't comment.

I was pleseantly surprised by the analogue TV signal though. Great colours and contrast even after I turned the values down from the factory pre-sets.

Freeview is spot on when the image is fairly static, although fast moving scenes suffer from the blocky effect but that's just down to the Freeview system. It's fair to say that it is more noticable on the plasma than on my old 28 inch set. I think some Freeview channels are worse for this than others.

Overall I've got to say I'm impressed. I can't help but smile whenever I turn it on :D. And it looks so much better at home than in Comet!
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