Jl npttm price Match 42px60cab 999 but ....42pc1d

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by markfto, Dec 30, 2006.

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    John lewis have finally got back to me and said they will price match the 42px60 cab at empire direct which gives you the free 5 year warranty!:D
    Hope that will help others thinking of going for it and give you the security of a 5 year warranty!! (if worstcase you get a snakes set!)

    But having taken the missus to the shop and her informing me that it looks like an asda telly with all that grey plastic and she doesnt like it but its my decision.... I am now leaning towards the 42pc1d in empire direct at 799 and then get my own 5 year warranty for d & g for 240 for 5 years..As it has got good reviews on here and doesnt like an asda own brand has xd latest processing!

    Am I being a complete idiot? but thanks to the snakes thread it has turned me against that tv, i dont want to get it and then sending it back, even though all the shops I have been in have said they dont know what I am talking about when i mention it and look at me like I am a nutter!!:devil:

    What would you do???:lease:

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