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Hi all,

I've got a crt set I bought from John Lewis a few years back and recently I've been noticing a few dead pixels near the centre of the screen.
They are black and you can only really notice them on light scenes.

If I tell John Lewis this I know that they will send an engineer. Will the engineer consider this a proper fault? and if so am I likely to have it replaced by another crt or be given the option of upgrading to an lcd screen?

If anyone has ever claimed their guarantee your advice would be much appreciated. I only really want to report it if I can be offered an upgrade.



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maybe the phospher is coming off? maybe there is dust on the inside of the tube?

It may be part of the phospher coating come off...it can't be dust...it is impossible for dust to get on the face of a crt as there is safety glass bonded to the front forming an airtight seal.
See what the engineer has to say.


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Thanks for the reply but I don't want to call the engineer if there is no chance of an upgrade (i'll have to book a day, take time off work etc.) hence was hoping someone who has previously claimed the warranty would reply to tell me what they were offered.
Ie. would they just replace the crt with a second hand/reconditioned one (as they no longer sell new ones in their stores). would they offer an upgrade? do they look at the value of the crt now or when you bought it? etc.
I've read of users in the past who said they were claiming the guarantee, so just hoping they will repy to explain the process.



JL have a reputation of good service, so give them a call.
You say it is only noticed on light scenes, the engineer will need to see the fault in order to know if he can fix it. If your gaurantee lasts for 5 years maybe the fault will get worse and then you might get a replacement LCD/plasma.
If you can only see the fault on rare scenes, you would be better just to ignore it.


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