Jitterless audio card with Firewire ?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by PaulP, Nov 14, 2002.

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    I plan to use a Pioneer VSA-AX10i amplifier, and I'm looking for a suitable audio card for the HCPC to drive it.

    My understanding is that the AX10i is the imminent new version of the AX10, is similar to the US version (VSX-49TXi), and that the "i" refers to additional digital audio in/out on firewire.

    To quote the VSX-49TXi manual :
    > jitterless audio is possible with Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System (rate control)
    > to make this feature work, it is only necessary that this receiver and one rate-control-compatible player are alive on the i.LINK network

    It seems to me that a jitterless digital audio connection is highly desirable, especially in view of what John Dawson has written here about jitter on SPDIF and the difficulty of overcoming it.

    Are there any soundcards with a digital audio o/p on firewire ? or is a soundcard even needed ? eg could one route the digital audio to a mobo firewire port ?

    Would there be software issues to consider here ? - I'm currently thinking to go TheaterTek - or is this Pioneer "rate-compatible player" a proprietary thing ?

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