Jessops - Do they price promise?



Hi, I have recently been burgled and they took my Canon S45 camera. I have to get a replacement from Jessops, I just wondered if the stores offered price promise?



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Yes, they do. They don't publicise it greatly (which is understandable), but if you walk in there with a few printouts from the web, they will match the price. However, certain stores such as Pixelmania they won't, and the product has to be in stock. Best is to go on, go to the websites of the best 5 prices and print them out, then take it to Jessops. I've done it several times.


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Not always. I recently bought a camcorder, they said they would price match when I phoned up to reserve one. Drove 20+ miles to their shop only to be told that they would get as near as they could - had to phone head office. They were still more than 10% more expensive than the price I ultimately paid. They were rude and unhelpful to me so I won't ever use them again.
Hi dlittlewood,
First of all sorry to hear you have been burgled. I was burgled a about 18 months ago and it's a horrible expierience.

You say that you have been told to use Jessops as they are your insurers favored company but ask your insurance company if you can use another place if you can't get exactly what you want at Jessops.
I was "told" to use Comet but when i said that i didn't want to use them they said i could try elsewhere.
I hope this helps you get what you need.
Good luck,


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With Jessops I think "persistence" is the key. I spent c45 mins with a sales assistant before deciding on the camera to buy. I already knew which one I wanted to buy, but wanted them to work for it!! Once we were just about to "sign on the dotted line" I asked about price matching and they said they would - I said great I'll have a look and come back tomorrow. Having checked when the assistant was working the next day, I went back in with my 5 price runner quotes and they price matched to the cheapest. I think he didn't really want to lose the sale he had worked so hard for the previous day!


I think Jessops guarentee to match any local shop prices, but only internet prices at the managers disgression - and only UK based sites with UK stock, ie not Pixmania as thay are in France and their stock is all European/French rather than British.
I've never failed to get an internet pricematch, as already suggested you just need to be persistent if they try to argue. At the end of the day though, they have so many stores you can just walk out and find another store that will offer the pricematch.


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