Question Jery video - Is fps the answer?


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I have a video movie running at 29.97fps. When I burn it to DVD, using the Freemake Video Converter, which converts it into 25fps - I cannot alter that. The resulting DVD looks a tad jerky, especially on fast movement in the scenes.

I have Xmedia Recode Video Converter, which will let me convert to all of the popular kinds of frames per second. A few examples: 24 25 29.97 30 50 60 ...
Yes, I set the Freemake accelerator to off for a smoother burn. If I don't do this the videos are extremely jerky
Does anyone know if my video would be anymore steady if I was to convert the 29.97 fps over to, perhaps, 30 fps? Or will it not make a hapeth of difference? Remember, it burns to DVD as 25 fps..

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have a particular reason you need to use Freemake? It'd be simpler just to replace it with an alternate rather than trying to find away to pre-process the video for it.
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