Jer's new dedicated cinema room


A few years ago I renovated my old house and stuck a home cinema in my living-room.

I sold that house (which included all the kit) and have been in the lucky position to build my own house with a dedicated home cinema room on the second floor.
The house is now complete and I have a 4 to 5K budget to turn this room into my cinema. While building the house I put the speaker and HDMI cables in. I also got the wall boxed out and painted with the cinema in mind.









The purpose of this thread is to document the cinema set-up and ask for advice and ideas.

The red sofas are going into a games room. I have ordered four of these seats with double Clubcard points which turn up next week: Frankie Leather Recliner Chair, Black - Tesco.Direct Anyone got them? not sure what sort of quality they will be.
I quite like the idea of having them in a slight curve configuration with angled coffee tables between them something like this Tables - Jana Angled Coffee Table but in black and the same height as the arm rests. Anyone know of anything on the market? I may make something out of MDF.

Once I have blackout Velux blinds the room should be quite dark. I was going to paint the screen onto the wall and use a velvet edge as a border. I have read a few threads on paint colour, black widow paint etc but still don't have a clue where to get it or what to ask for. Do I have to mix it? I am planning on an Optima HD33 3D projector any recommendation on paint choice?

Speakers / amp
It's quite a big room. My first speakers were Q acoustic which I thought were great but I think I need to go for something a bit better such as Warfdale. Can anyone recommend a good speaker / amp deal?

Has anyone got ideas on what else I can do with the room to make it more cinema like such as lighting etc that won't cost the earth?

I am ordering all the kit next week so I will keep the thread updated with pictures. All help and advice will be gratefully received.




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Wish i had a room like that to spend my days watching films in :( how ever it should be an interesting thread :) GL


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Wow.... great potential in this one I see :p

Richard Fenn

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Jer1974 said:
Has anyone got ideas on what else I can do with the room to make it more cinema like such as lighting etc that won't cost the earth?

Picture frame with deep edges plus LED strip lighting inside = instant light box for film posters.

Old tv or pc monitor turned on side and connected to pc with posters of films rotating every few seconds (saw that one on


Thanks for all the comments. I ordered an Optima HD33 with an extra three pairs of glasses and a ceiling mount which came in at £1548. It's not in stock but they are expecting them in this week. I also ordered two bottles of Auto-Air Airbrush Aluminium Paint from ebay.


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That's a nice room for a dedicated HT, nice and quite a size, looking forward to see this one growing, keep the pics comming!

Greetz Richie
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Those chairs look fantastic, real cinema experience.


Speakers turned up today DALI Zensor 5 5.1 and a Denon AVR 1912 amp. I got a call to say my projector (Optima HD33) is getting dispatched today so paid extra for Saturday delivery. I was hoping to get it set up over the weekend but the AAA paint has not turned up for the screen yet. I may use a white sheet if I get it working this weekend.

I still have not made my mind up if I should buy a PS3 or 3D blue ray player.







PJ never turned up yesterday and I paid £26 for Saturday delivery :C I did get all the speakers and amp and sky connected up. It sounds fantastic.


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Looking good! Def keeping an eye on this one!

Whilst the ps3 is great I think you should get a separate blu ray player. Much nicer having a dedicated piece of kit IMO. Plus they only around £100 nowadays


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this HC is going to be amazing when finished, looking forward to your progress...


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see i would go for a PS3 as its so much more then a gaming machine. Also it cuts down on clutter

I would agree if it was for a living room but I think a dedicated HT deserves better! Could always get both? :D


Projector mounted

Screen marked out

Some undercoat

And a bit more


All white

Aluminium paint and Johnstones paint





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nice small screen:D


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Very nice indeed, the screen looks great.

On the other topic, I would still go for the PS3. It does 3D Blu-ray, and who could resist some quality gameplay on that screen?


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A nice big room , nice kit , looking forward to the finished photo`s.
You are a lucky man !!!!

If want a console and cannot decide then get both , good value these days. Xbox 250gb £155 ! I have both but the xbox is the one if you like gaming but if you really like gaming then get both !!!!!!


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Looks great, I'd just move those L and R speakers in, they look far apart imho. How big is the room as a matter of interest? - it looks huge :)


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Very Very nice mate!

Exactly the speaker/AVR combo I've got my eyes on, can't wait to hear your experience.


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That's looking like a fantastic room, great job on the screen. A couple of quick questions about the chairs, are they comfy and did they come in one piece or separate pieces? They look great but in my room it's a tight squeeze manouvering them up 3 flights of stairs!

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