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Jerky Video playback in Sony PMB - Help!

Rod Heartbender

Standard Member
Hi there...I have a Sony HDR-S10 camcorder. I'm new to all this so bear with me. I have installed PMB and updated it to the latest version. Currently the vids are in their raw format but I notice that when I play them back they are very jerky. Any ideas? I like PMB but should I be using something else to edit and play them back? Thanks.


Distinguished Member
Not used PMB, but are you sure the original footage is steady?

Obvious ans is to mount on tripod and only pan very slowly.

That G'tees the footage is steady . . . . everything else is down to the PC. software.
You need to start with steady footage then work up the chain.... er, IMHO.

Good luck


Distinguished Member
What PC do you have ? Full HD files might be a bit much for it. They will also be 25 or 50P and your PC display probably runs at 30P so needs to frame convert.

This will all add to jerkiness.


Distinguished Member
No great expert, but surely the Monitor takes its frames from the material it's displaying . . . . so why would it attempt to show 30fps rather than 50 (although my own Vegas 10 converts 50i to 25 fps, presumably it does this correctly?)

The issue of "full HD" is really one for the Software. Several well-known Programs have a new-version to accept HD, that is necessary so they can accept more "stuff", so the software needs to expand the areas of storage so it can keep tabs on the larger files. Simple enough in itself and surprising customers are required to pay so much again, just for a small addressing issue. . . . . but that's Commerce and we each are squeezed from all directions.

Certainly, rendering HD will put a considerable strain on a low-spec PC. There are stories of "lost frames" but suspect this is possible via a slow USB port, but "lack of spec" inside the PC only results in very lengthy Render-times.

I note that this Camcorder ( Sony HDR-S10 ) has a 40G HDD and this (with the latest software) "might" be the siource of the problem. If the footage is smooth on the LCD, then it should not be much worse when viewed on a TV - can you do this, direct off the HDD? . . . . .this "might" point to the PMB software . . . Noiseboy raises the issue of PC-Spec . . . . we'd love to know.


Distinguished Member
PCs usually output at 60Hz. This equals 30 frames per second. No matter what FPS the footage is at, the signal to the monitor will be the PC resolution. This will cause choppiness.

Vegas is converting to 25FPS, but your graphics card will then convert this again to 30FPS!

You need one of the latest graphics cards that support variable frame rates to output at 25FPS, and then a monitor that will accept RGB via HDMI at 25FPS and not many will. bluray etc output YUV component at 24,25 or 30 FPS (Or twice that for 3D) depending on the footage

Sorry, this is simplified, 1080P is really 50FPS, but I am trying to make this easier to understand!

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