Jerky picture on SD220

Gordon A

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Ordered a Region 2 SD220 from Amazon last week, took delivery on Friday morning, plugged it in and all worked fine. Tried it on a couple of discs (Gladiator and the Mummy) with no problems. Have been away for the weekend and when I tried to view the Gladiator disc again yesterday, the picture is now jerky and 'stutters' at approximately 2-3 times a second (difficult to describe!). There's no break up in audio or the picture quality; it just doesn't run smoothly as it did. Before I send it back, anyone any ideas?


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Hmm. Excuse the daft assumption but you haven´t got the fast forward stuck on have you?

Have you tried cleaning the lens with a cleaner? If it still plays up, ask them to change it.

Gordon A

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After fiddling with the setup, found an option to toggle between Auto and PAL for the video format. It was initially set to Auto - and jerky - then I changed it to PAL, and it was OK, but later on in the evening it was jerky on the PAL setting. A quick PAL/Auto/PAL toggle seems to have cured it; no further problems either last night or this afternoon.
Out of interest, what does everyone else have this set to on their SD200?

Gordon A

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It has now settled down and is working a treat so think I'll leave well alone! Thanks for the replies.

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