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Mar 23, 2002
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Ordered a Region 2 SD220 from Amazon last week, took delivery on Friday morning, plugged it in and all worked fine. Tried it on a couple of discs (Gladiator and the Mummy) with no problems. Have been away for the weekend and when I tried to view the Gladiator disc again yesterday, the picture is now jerky and 'stutters' at approximately 2-3 times a second (difficult to describe!). There's no break up in audio or the picture quality; it just doesn't run smoothly as it did. Before I send it back, anyone any ideas?
Hmm. Excuse the daft assumption but you haven´t got the fast forward stuck on have you?

Have you tried cleaning the lens with a cleaner? If it still plays up, ask them to change it.
After fiddling with the setup, found an option to toggle between Auto and PAL for the video format. It was initially set to Auto - and jerky - then I changed it to PAL, and it was OK, but later on in the evening it was jerky on the PAL setting. A quick PAL/Auto/PAL toggle seems to have cured it; no further problems either last night or this afternoon.
Out of interest, what does everyone else have this set to on their SD200?
It has now settled down and is working a treat so think I'll leave well alone! Thanks for the replies.

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