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After Dave Prowse a couple of weeks ago, now the sad news that Jeremy Bulloch has passed away at 75. Best known for immortalising Boba Fett in Empire and Jedi (and a cameo in Revenge of The Sith). Really gutted about this. Another I met on the convention circuit, and a very nice man. Had a lot of time for his fans.

RIP Mr Bulloch.
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Met him a few years ago at a con at Turf Moor along with Prowse, what a lovely bloke he was and made a beeline for my 1 year old Leia when I told him her name, 2020 can get in the bin RIP 😓


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I should imagine many folks here met him at a convention, and what a bloody nice bloke he was. A real gent.


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As above - I met him 15 years ago at a Convention in Milton Keynes - he was a terrific Guy :(


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Another little piece of childhood chipped away. One from the pre-internet days coming across a magazine article or TV program with him in it and the excitement of seeing what he looked like under the mask ! RIP Mr B.


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As well as Boba, he recently played a Star Destroyer commander in Rogue One.

Also was an officer in Empire and a crewman in The Phantom Menace.



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Hate to be that guy, but I'm pretty certain it turned out that the above actor in Rogue One is not Jeremy Bulloch.


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I recognised the name but it was from an episode where he was in George and Mildred and also from Robin of Sherwood.

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