Jenz' setups poo

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Tim Cooper, Apr 30, 2001.

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    Alright it's not poo, it's GREAT & NO i'm NOT JEALOUS (much) :(
    Seriously Neil invited me over to a demo at his home yesterday :D
    Not to put too fine a point to it, the Barco 808s (with iris)is HUGE & hooked up to the Rock the picture is superb,bright,razor sharp, considering he was running it line tripled.
    I was also struck by the complete absence of jaggies dot crawl etc that we mortals have to put up with.
    We demo'd quite a few discs to show off the blacks light to dark transitions, high contrast films & films with bold bright colours no matter what Neil threw at it, the combo ate it & spat out a quite breathtaking image.
    I know the Rock has had a bit of a mauling in various forums but from my point of view it performed brilliantly.
    One word of warning though to see it is to want it, i'll not look at my projector in the same light again :(
    Would i buy it? the drop of a hat it's the proverbial dog's gonads.
    Any caveats...well..the fans are noisy very noisy sounds like a Dyson, this would be the first to get hush hush fans if it can be done.
    Many thanks Neil
    Oh BTW Neil reckons he can see the line structure....from...get this...about 1 inch away FOR CRYING OUT LOUD........

    Got to go now...coming Mother

  2. Jenz


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    Thanks for the Beers Tim :D

    Actually going up to line quadrupled 960p they disappear...

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