Jeff's powerstrip Event II settings


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Hi all
Jeff published his powerstrip settings after Event II as being

1424x848=1424,92,64,220,84,1,3,22,78660,278 ([email protected])
1424x784=1424,88,136,168,784,1,3,23,70623,273 ([email protected])
1440x840=1440,50,152,182,840,1,3,23,94790,278 ([email protected])

He mentioned that he was overscanning in TT to achive multiples of pal and NTSC resolutions.

Do both TT and DScaler both support overscanning in pixel increments?
Are the default TT settings zero overscanning?
Do the TT width and height settings move 2 pixels at a time? or is there a text file somewhere that I need to edit?

Also, I run a BG808 crt which has a sweetspot somewhat lower than Jeff's 1209. Is 848 a little too much for it (I use 720 currently)?

Thanks in advance

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