JBL SK2-1000 anyone heard them?


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As per the title really and was wondering if anyone had heard them at all and what their impression were.
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cant seam to find anything on this unit- but just as a general- the pro jbl (us built) speakers are still among the most advanced in terms of engineering. vastly beyond domestic speakers of today over 30 years ago and rather slowing in development since.
Ive been all though the popular domestic designs with a fine tooth comb- jm-labs,pmc,xtz,b+w,bose,kudos,martin logan,quad esl..... the list goes on. ive had them all apart and tested like crazy for 4 years-propper setup jbl pro walks all over them. (like the k2, which makes me laugh because you could diy one for under £700!)


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Just to give you an idea of what we are talking about -

JBL SK2-1000 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

JBL SYNTHESIS - Product Details

And for the record, those are twin 10 inch woofers.

Price US$7,595 (probably each) (currency converts to £5,042)

JBL SK2-1000BT


Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power: 300 Watts (RMS)

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 93dB

Frequency Response (–6dB): 55Hz – 50kHz (Anechoic)

Crossover Frequencies: 800Hz, 10kHz

Ultrahigh-Frequency Driver:
1-inch 045Be Pure-beryllium compression driver with 0.35"-throat Bi-Radial® horn

High-Frequency Transducer:
3-inch 435Be Pure-beryllium compression driver with 1.5"-throat Bi-Radial® horn

Low-Frequency Transducer:
Dual 10-inch 2251J-2 AquaPlas™-coated, pul-cone woofers with 4" edge-wound voice coils and EPDM rubber surrounds, and utilizing Alnico



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Thanks for that
I have done some more research.
The price is for one speaker. So £15k+ vat + import duty = a lot more

I suppose at that price point it was a silly question as you would expect them to sound superb and
blow most consumer speakers out of the water. Making pure Beryllium drivers is not a cheap process either.
These are also used at the Caen film festival.

I will be listening to a set of these shortly. I had not heard of them before hence my original question as to if anyone else had come across them in their travels.



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I will be listening to a set of these shortly.

Be sure to let us know what you think.



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now i have the details- i would give a arm for them- these are the real deal. cone acceloration is out of this world (bl factor) - assuming the drivers are run within there limits and the cones are designed to control radial patterns well ( and being jbl- it will) this has the potential to be among the best.

The horn pattern may be the only thing that could be improved on it. (geddes)

sound should be *detailed*, and this in my experience will include harsh loud trebble occasionaly when playing brass etc- because thats reality.

let us know what you make of it!


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Nice one Ibsyling thanks for that.
Really looking forward to hearing them now. I would rather speakers are true to the original sound rather than coloured to make it easier to listen to.


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Have had a look at these online, wow, they really do look like they mean business. I mean, 3 LCR will mean six 10" drivers up front:eek:

JBL Synthesis are the stuff of dreams. Along with some juicy amplification, they really will sing.

I would love to get a set up of JBL Synthesis at home. One day maybe i will. In the mean time, we look foward to pics when you get them and also details on how you have set them up:thumbsup:

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