JBL E80 Lockdown Edition


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The winter was long this year in Zurich so I spent a lot of time fiddling with my Hi Fi set up. Read tons of information and was considering changing my trusty E80 JBLs that I bought back in 2009. After watching many reviews on you tube I started getting deaper into the technical parts (being an engineer its my nature). The problem I had was the feeling that my system was lacking some clarity in the mid and high. I tried "upgrading" the tweeters only to find out that the standard ones were doing a pretty good job. Then one night I totally dismantled the speakers and I realised that they did not look too bad in terms of build and material quality. Having said that the crossover looked like an area where they would have aplied sever cost saving and hence i focused there. Since all the capacitors were tiny electorlytic ones i decided to upgrade with high quality audio grade on the midrange and tweeter cirquits. I bought the same specification of capacitors and put everything back. All I can say is that it really worked. I feel that there is more detail and clarity now and it seems that I will be keeping the speakers for longer.

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