JBL Control 1 speakers in kitchen installation


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I fancy connecting a second set of speakers from my amp into the kitchen. It's a Sony model with A and B speaker options and has a switch on the back to switch it between 4 ohm and 8ohm (not that I have a clue what that means :confused: ).

To get this past senior management (my wife) they need to be small, discreet etc.

These seem to fit the picture and fit my price bracket as well (I don't want to spend more than £100 for speakers, cable and brackets as I could get a good DAB radio and shelf for that price):

Richer Sounds clicky

My only concern is that they might sound a bit "tinny", especially in a kitchen with a tiled floor. They claim to have a bass woofer but I've no idea whether it will be adequate or not.

I'll try to trial them in Richer Sounds but will not be able to replicate my kitchen in their listening room.

Anyone with experience or thoughts?


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I have a pair of these and am very happy with them. Actually quite surprised to see them at that price, I'm sure I paid a lot more.

Only point I would make is that the standard JBL brackets whilst very neat and compact are not very flexible, you may want to chose different brackets.



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I also have a pair on Control 1's.These are fitted in a kitchen on top of some tall cupboards.I found they sounded best pointed up to the ceiling a little,with the sound reflected down.The only thing to say is that the Control 1 is now at lease 15 years old and its gone through lots of changes.So if you had a pair and remembered them fondly they might not be what they once where.
But then for £50 who cares its a great deal!!!!!

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