Jbl 5.0 multibeam or Sony Htg700??


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Hi all, I know you guys (and girls) are great at these sorts of questions. I am looking to buy a 55 inch Sony 9505 in the next month or 2 and want to also get a good soundbar to go with it. I currently use an old Samsung tv with a bar and sub combo. What are everyones thoughts on the Jbl 5.0 bar and the Sony Htg 700?
I want to get something under £500 (and both these bars seem ok and good offers). I would also like some kind of Atmos (virtual or not ). We watch sky Q, netflix, Prime, Apple in not a large living room. How do these 2 bars compare or any other alternatives??


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Read the real life comments on here about the Sony G700. "Very mixed" would be generous. I bought one based on the "professional" reviews and couldn't believe they were talking about the same kit - then found a significant number of comments on here saying the same. Can't comment on the JBL. I returned my G700, realised I needed to (a) spend more an (b) get something with actual rears/surrounds. If you just want louder and slightly clearer sound the G700 may give you that depending on how poor the TV speakers are but don't expect any kind of surround or even much left/right separation. I went for a Sonos Beam plus Ikea surrounds and very happy but appreciate it's a big jump in cost (and has limitations in terms of connections).


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Thanks for the reply. I have noticed that the reviews of the g700 are quite varied! Like I said I think I want the holy grail of bars lol. Not too expensive, good surround quality, atmos (ish) and easy to use on streaming etc. Room is quite oblong and tv is to be wall mounted. Every time i think I find a suitable bar with a good review i alsofind half a dozen other negative ones.


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I just sold my G700, due to underwhelming performance and almost zero subwoofer impact. Have been using the tv speakers (XH950) while waiting for my new one to arrive and honestly, I can't tell the difference.
The JBL was on my shortlist of replacements, but ended up going for something I could add a sub and surrounds to later on, if I want to. If that wasn't a 'want', I would have gone for the JBL.

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