jay and silent bob

messing around on the internet today i stumbled on a website that was thanking god that there will never be a film with jay and bob in ever again i was shocked to see that the film had bombed when released . i think its a cracking film one of my favortes

Kazuya Mishima

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I agree. Great film.

That sounds like a case of life imitating art - in the movie they go on the website called moviepoopchute.com or something which has the same sentiments.

"**** Jay & Silent Bob. **** them in their stupid *****!"

Watch some other Kevin Smith movies if you like the terrible twosome. eg. Dogma, Mallrats etc etc...

Rambo John J

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I thought it was really funny, so much so that I went out and got all Kevin Smiths other movies. I still think it's his best movie to date:laugh: although Clerks definitely has some cracking lines in it:rotfl:


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I couldn't watch it, thought it was pretty dire. Somewhat of a contradiction I fear, but I did very much enjoy them in Dogma! Perhaps their 15 minutes was up after that.

Rambo John J

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Originally posted by dsw182
Apparently there is to be another Jay & Silent Bob film.

Kevin Smith is said to be writing one as a reward for Jason Mewes for getting rid of his drug problem.


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One of my favourite films also. Does anyone know if there is a DVD boxset of the Malrat films ?


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My favourites are Clerks & Chasing Amy


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Originally posted by JohnG
One of my favourite films also. Does anyone know if there is a DVD boxset of the Malrat films ?
There is a box available from the secret stash that will house 'The New Jersey Trilogy' but as they are by different distributors, you can't buy a normal boxset.


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Didn't they also "do" 'Tower Records'?


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Check out Chasing Amy

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