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Yes. I got a Region 1 DTS copy from playusa.com last month for £7.99!
Not sure if it is or ever has been out on Region 2 though.

When I was looking, I did find it strange that all Region 2 suppliers had Jaws 2 & 3, but none had the original film.


R2 about a tenner at HMV


I have had the JAWS 25th (1975) anniversary since it came out in 2000 with 5.1 in R1, Jaws 2 & 3 from R4, and "Jaws the Revenge" from R1. "Show me the way to go home I am tired and I want to go to bed, I had a drink about an hour ago and it went straight to my head"~JAWS 1

Indiana Jones

I bought the Region 2 release ages ago but it has been deleted since 20th November 2003 so it will be come harder and harder to find.


It's getting near to its 30th Anniversary. I smell an all-bells-and-whistles 2 discer.

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Thanks Silverback - I have just ordered it from your link, £7.99 - great.

I just have to activate the multi-region on my DVD player now. I have never bought a region 1 disc before.

Your probably right about a 30th aniversary one the_pauley, I can't argue with £7.99 though.

Cheers folks.


Wish i would have waited i paid £15 for my Jaws dts from play last yr.

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Originally posted by Techno Freak
I just have to activate the multi-region on my DVD player now. I have never bought a region 1 disc before.

You sound confidant it can be done. What player is it?
Many DVD players don't let you change their region without having the player modified.
Do Play USA ship their DVDs from Jersey or from USA? Do they package their DVDs up as well as normal Play do? Never had a problem with Play before, but I seem to recall a few people unhappy with Play USAs service in the past..

Anyone? Thanks.

Indiana Jones

PlayUSA ship from the US so there is a good chance that anything over £18 in value will be caught by customs and have charges added to it.

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Hi There,

My player is a Yamaha, I bought it as a multi-region but it just needs activating - I have the information from where I bought it.

I am well pleased with playusa, Jaws arrived on Saturday morning - thats quicker than some deliveries I have had from UK suppliers!

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