Jaws - The Barrel.

Mr Quint

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Thanks to a very very special couple who where heavily involved in the production of Jaws, I have managed to acquire this production used barrel. This barrel is more than 35 years old and was one of several barrels used in the production of the movie. All the barrels used in the production started off black like this one and a handful where painted yellow for screen use in the hunt for the shark involving the Orca/Orca II.

This barrel would have, along with the rest, been used under the Shark cages/cradles so the sharks could be towed out to sea for the next shoot.

This barrel is going to get the yellow paint and rope treatment soon. Look out for more updates & thank you again to that special couple whom my wife and I where very lucky to meet on Martha's Vineyard back in 2009.

Notice the left hand side of the first picture. :)







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Very nice indeed, Bet they had a field day with that at customs :laugh:


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Looking forward to the pics (of the barrel, Not the party) ;)

Mr Quint

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Just a quick update as to what the rope looks like, pre weathered. I just need a clear day to do the spray paint and weather the rope. Cant wait to get this finished.




Mr Quint

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Right Guys, been hard at it today. Hope you enjoy the update.




Weathering the rope.


Slowly comes together.





Going to let it hard dry for 24hrs then start chipping into the paint with a scraper to add that used beat up feel to it.

Mr Quint

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Its done, really really happy with this. Along with the section of the Orca II I own this is Holy Grail stuff for me. For anyone interested, I hope you have enjoyed all the photos and updates. :thumbsup:






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Beer Stand. Quality.:thumbsup:

Love the Jaws coaster too. Would go nice with my Jaws mug.:D Any idea on where to get one?

Mr Quint

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Thats mint! I'd love that, great project!

Thanks mate, it was great fun doing this. I have had a few people say that it should have been left black as it was iconic in its self with it being a genuine Jaws production item. In my mind I have the best of both worlds in this item as its iconic in both ways now, in what it is under the paint job and what it represents now. Anyway, I'll leave the other one I have black then :D.

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