Jaws R2/wharfedale problem

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dave S, Jul 29, 2000.

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    Dave S

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    Anyone had the following problem with R2 DD version of Jaws on a Wharfedale DVD 750?

    The opening 22 seconds of the Universal logo & music play fine (title 1, I think) but when it gets to title 2, Chapter 2 the clock freezes on 00;00 and it just stops and the machine locks up. No picture, no sound, all reomote and fascia buttons frozen up & useless. Have to turn the player off & eject while reloading just to get the disc out!

    Any suggestions?

    Is it the disc? (I don't know anyone to test who can test it for me)

    Is it the player? (my other discs still work fine)

    Is it one of those hardware/firmware/sof****e glitches?

    Any help appreciated

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