java is freezing up my pc!

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i know this is a more software than hardware thing but i really need help and you guys are pretty clued up.

I have been having trouble with java for a few days, basicaly whenever it does anything it freezes up my pc. If it tries to update itself my pc will freeze, if i run a program like limewire using java it will freeze, if i try and uninstall java it will freeze! I dont know whats up, basicaly what happens is the pc stops responding to anything, i can move the mouse cursor for a few seconds but not click on anything then i hear a system beep and the whole thing locks up. I cant ctrl-alt-del to kill java the only thing i can do is reset my pc. The strange thing is that i dont get any error messages when i restart, it doesnt launch scandisk or try and report an error to ms like a normal crash does.

I looked on the limewire forums for help and they said it was a problem with the latest java freezing my gpu, their fix was to downgrade either the gpu drivers or java itself, i tried both and neither worked. I even tried re-flashing the bios just in case, but the same thing is happening! Im at the end of my tether with this and have no-idea how to fix the thing, has anyone got any ideas?


nvidea 7800gt
epox 5lwa (mobo)
p4 3ghz
windows xp (sp2-fully updated)
java-1.42 (same happens with the new versions though)

if anyone can fix this for me i will be very very gratefull:smashin:


ok now i feel stupid, a few minutes after posting i found the solution, this is very VERY odd!

if anyone else has this issue heres how to solve it.

turn off anti-aliasing on your gpu, strange i know but thats it, what that has to do with java i have no idea, but it works.

sorry for whats basicaly spam guys, hope i helped someone out with the solution though:oops:


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I think there is a bug in Java versions 1.3 and 1.4 that causes this, later versions should be ok, allegedley!
But, well spotted.

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