"Japan's finest" sale on XBLA now


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Better now :) will need to pick one of these up, what's your recommendation? Any of them online coop?


They all have 2 player co-op apart from Bangai-O HD, although I'm not sure whether the co-op in any of those games is local, online or both.

I have a couple of these games, but I haven't played them much. Try Bangai-O HD. It's mental, very hard, and when I played the demo I had no clue what was going on, lol.


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Aye Bangai did me good and proper when I first try the demo, does it not give you level 1, level 2 and then like level 50 or some ****? I just remember it going very crazy very quickly!


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the demos for bangio and silvergun were very poor and stopped me taking a punt on two very well regarded titles. I only have guwange out of those. its good if you play the 360 mode, too hard to control otherwise.


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I've picked up Radiant Silvergun. Didn't think much of the demo, but the positive reviews also slate the demo.

I'm not really any use at these types of games, but enjoyed Ikaruga so have taken a punt an another Treasure title.

Have tried the Guwange demo twice but not convinced.


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Saw you playing RS last night, was wondering what it was until I saw this thread... I mean, really, I need to stop buying Arcade games and just play some of the 15+ that I've not even loaded... God me and deals are like an addict and deals...


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Guwange is great. Or at least, I found level 2 near-impossible when I first got it, but somehow reached the point where I could get almost to the final boss on one credit. Achieving what I thought was impossible is usually the sign of an impeccable difficulty curve, anyway.


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I can only get to the final boss on one credit on 360 mode. Normal mode far too hard for me!

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