Japanese PS3 Compatibility Problem with UK Blu-Ray Discs?

Joe Sueiras

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The latest Home Cinema Choice (February) has a review of the PS3. The review includes a strange comment about the compatibility of the Japanese machine with UK Blu-Ray discs:

Slow tracking shots - a simple slow camera sweep around an apartment in Stealth, for example - exhibited an unpleasant 'stepping' effect, as scenery looked like it was being 'redrawn' in its new position, leaving a perceptible ghost image behind it...

This, I assume, was a discrepancy between the Japanese machine and the UK Blu-Ray discs. The PS3 features an option to automatically match the output refresh rate to that of the software being played. However, it seems that this 'Cinema Conversion' option wasn't working, resulting in the 24fps film being forced into 60Hz PS3 playback...

A combination of US machine and US Blu-Ray movie, however, worked fine. The PS3 was able to pick up the 24fps marker on the disc and playback with no such stepping or ghosting.

What is the reviewer getting at - aren't all Blu-Ray discs (whether US, Japanese or European) mastered at 24p currently? Is the US player capable of 24Hz output? :confused:



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For Blueray Japan and the usa are region A the uk is Region B for sd dvd Japan and the uk are region 2 and usa regon 1.


This would be (looks more like frame dropping) a 50/60hz incompatibility. Also bear in mind that a Japanese PS3 will not play UK Blu Ray discs (unless that disc has no regional encoding in which case it should play it with the above effect).

If you want region free HD playback go for a UK HD-DVD player, not a Blu Ray player because Blu Ray has regional encoding.

richard plumb

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AFAIK all BD movie discs are mastered at 24p.

Not only that, but I think the PS3 only has the option to output at 60Hz - either 1080i/60 or 1080p/60 (over HDMI for the latter).

So surely any issue would crop up similarly on any BD disc regardless of region?

Stephen Neal

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BD movies are being mastered at 24p irrespective of region (so no 50 / 60 differences as was the case with DVD)

This means that European players that don't output a 24p native signal will be outputting a 60p or 60i signal with 3:2 frame repetition or field pulldown, which gives you a judder on linear motion when compared to 25p movies played 50p or 50i with 2:2 repetition or pull-down.

Not sure what the PS3 is doing - is it trying to convert to 50i or 50p rather than outputting 60i or 60p?

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