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Thanks to belly_button1 on the ign boards.

Japanese analysts have noted the strong initial shipments of Capcom's Dead Rising for the Xbox 360, and believe that the game's performance is indicative of recent reforms at Capcom USA.
NikkoCitiGroup raised its forecasts for Capcom due in large part to Dead Rising's "brisk repeat business" as well as "reforms at Capcom USA."

According to the investment firm, Capcom shipped 320,000 copies of Dead Rising in its first week (the game launched August 8 in the US), and Capcom has forecasted shipments to reach 450,000 units by today. Based on the game's better-than-expected performance, NikkoCitiGroup upped its fiscal year (ending March 2007) shipment expectations for Dead Rising to 800,000 units from 660,000.

This initial success of Dead Rising outlines the increasingly important role of digitally downloaded demos. NikkoCitiGroup analyst Soichiro Fukuda wrote, "Robust Dead Rising sales suggest the establishment of a successful pattern for US marketing whereby trial version downloads stimulate interest and lead to stronger actual sales." Users downloaded around 300,000 Dead Rising demos over Xbox Live worldwide.

NikkoCitiGroup also expects Capcom's upcoming title Lost Planet for Xbox 360 to utilize trial downloads.

Fukuda speculated that the "healthy sales" of Xbox 360 titles may prompt Capcom to take currently PS3-exclusive titles multi-platform. He wrote, "If that happens, it will give the company a chance to make the most of its PC-based development program, which aims to enhance efficiency by utilizing PCs through the primary stages of development."

Devil May Cry 4 and a version of Monster Hunter are two Capcom titles that have only been announced for PS3.

Fukuda commented further on Xbox 360/PS3 ports, saying, "Capcom will conduct the first 50–60 percent of the PS3 and Xbox 360 development process on PCs, only in the final stages using a development approach that is optimized for either the Xbox 360 or the PS3."

The aforementioned Capcom USA business reforms Fukuda referred to have much to do with Capcom's recently hired North American marketing boss Mark Beaumont. Part of his next-generation strategy is to introduce new IP early on (see Dead Rising and Lost Planet), while still supporting Capcom's catalog of popular franchises. He also places special emphasis on the creation of products with a more global appeal.

NikkoCitiGroup raised its fiscal 2007 earnings forecast for Capcom to 8.2 billion yen ($70.8 million) from 7.8 billion yen ($67.3 million); fiscal 2008 to 10.8 billion yen ($93.2 million) from 9.5 billion yen ($82 million); and fiscal 2009 to 12.5 billion yen ($107.9 million) from 11 billion yen ($95 million)
Interesting if true.


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well the bit about sales figures is true, the more a game sells the more sony would have to pay capcom to keep a game exclusive to ps3

so 700,000 x $25 (the profit they make off each game) = 17.5m dollars i dont think sony can just give capcom that much money..

it seems to me that dead rising and lost planet are the tests for the 360 from capcom, they have developed both of these games with the westerm market in mind and its definitely paid off for dead rising

i had an interesting conversation with someone on the other side of the fence ie a developer about exclusive titles and he basically said they obviously 1st parties will always be exclusive but less and pess 3rd party devs will stay exclusive as its just costing then so much to develop the things and they need to maximise their returns on investment

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If the XBox 360 got Devil May Cry then that will be a huge hit to the Playstation..... I like it :D


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the downside to a online demo of course is if the game sucks....lol

then no one buys it..heh

i do wish they wouldnt restrict games to platforms tho.....ok some people will have all the platforms to be completist, but some like me really have enough other things plugged in to my electrical supply and would rather just have a PC and a console, perhaps 2 at the most.....having to buy all 3 just to get every game just isnt worth the money to me.....given the 360 and PS3 pretty much run side by side in ability then i'd rather just own one or the other....(well, neither if i hadnt got a hefty discount on my 360....lol)


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Personally I think the more games that are restricted to one console, the better... mainly because this means that they utilise the console's architecture... games released on multiple formats are more generic and as such miss on on some of the advantages coding for a specific console from the ground up can bring...


"Devil May Cry 4 and a version of Monster Hunter are two Capcom titles that have only been announced for PS3. "

I read that as DMC and MH are the only games announced so far, but that quote means just for PS3 (exclusive). Silly me.


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Resident Evil5 will be multi-format in EU...

in Japan it's been changed to PS3 only.....

Tufty McTavish

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I'd selfishly like more exclusive titles for each platform as it gives me an excuse to buy both (unique titles for the Wii mean it's fairly essential anyway in my view). If all my friends are on '360, I'll focus on that most likely.

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