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It has taken over 3 months to sort and process the 800 photos that I took on my 3 week honeymoon to Japan and I wanted to post some of them on here to see what people think.

It was an amazing trip and I can't believe I took so many without really trying.


1.This is my favorite shot and was down to pure luck, I just lifted my camera over my head at a crossing in Tokyo and took one shot!


2.This one was in the Tokyo subway


3.I know that this isn't the sharpest but I like the shot, I had to shoot hand
held at 1600 ISO, It was at a full moon celebration in Nara

Here are some others who came prepared:)



4.The Golden Temple in Kyoto


5.The Great Buddha statue of Kamakura



7.Tokyo Station



9. A side street in Kyoto


10. Kyoto station

I won't bore you with the other 790:D

It would be great to hear what people think.

I was quite pleased with how my understanding has improved in the past year mainly from trying to soak up as much as I can from people here.

Thanks James


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Great series and a fascinating place.:smashin:

#6 stands out for me. #10 also very interesting and I'd like to see a larger version.


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Excellent stuff, really like these, especially #3, and I agree that Tokyo's a great place to visit.

Is #1 the crossing at Shibuya ? It looks kind of familiar.


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Like the DoF in#3 & especially #6. Love how you've captured the atmosphere of Japan street in #9. #10 is a great architecture shot, the lines direct the eye right through the photo.


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Nice set.
I used to visit Japan from time to time on business - quite a few places there I recognise.
Kyoto station is an amazing place. I spent a few hours there one Sunday morning about 10 years ago taking photos with a crappy P&S. I'd love to go back now... Some amazing angular & curvy architecture. All sorts of possibilities.
You did well with Kinkankuji (the golden temple) to get a shot without loads of people milling around - like all my attempts there though, the muggy Kyoto weather is evident..
I particularly like your first and third though. The lantern and temple is lovely (Nara is my favourite city in Japan) and great timing to catch the lone girl crossing against the oncoming onslaught in #1. :thumbsup:
Makes me want to go back there.


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Superb! I love Japan and would love to go back and spend much more time there, especially to take pictures.

Do you have any of Akihabara?


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#9 is easily my fave. Great mood setting photo!

I'd love to get the opportunity to go to Japan. Harijuku (sp?) .. the place where everyone dresses in weird and wonderful costumes .. really wanna see that place. As well as all the other well known tourist spots, and what not.

Nice set :thumbsup:


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Hi ya

#1 made me giggle a bit, well caught.:thumbsup:

#6 and #7 stand out for me as well.:thumbsup:

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


Agree a great set, if I had to pick one then #1 for me, I think if I'd have been her I'd have turned round and just gone with the flow :)


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Thanks for all the compliments guys, it is a real boost to hear people on here commenting on photos that I have taken.

Garf - the first one is near Shibuya subway station near the statue of the dog waiting for his master.

Tobers - Here are the only three that i took in Akihabara

1. Yodobashi Akiba department store devoted to technology, it has a floor of cameras with nearly every model from every manufacturer. As you can image my wife really enjoyed it here ....:boring:


2. People outside stores yelling about their products and promotions. Not a great photo I know but amusing. These two were stood next to each shouting over each other, one with a microphone and sound system the other with a cardboard tube.



3. This is one from the flight home.


4. This is one of many temples in Kyoto.


Forgot to say in the first post that they were all taken with a 350d with either
Canon efs60mm 2.8 or the Tokina 12-24mm.

We are hoping to head back maybe next year if we can, hopefully with a
5d, 24-70l, 50 1.4 :D

There are full size versions on my Flickr but I don't know how to do one of those links everyone else has :confused:

Thanks again


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The first and last of the first set really stand out for me. I'd love to see the first with a vignette and a slight desaturation but thats just the way I see it. Cracking pictures all round.


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I've enjoyed having a look through these photographs so thanks very much for posting them. I've never been to Japan but it looks an amazing place to visit.


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