Japan halts import of Samsung plasma screens


This was in the FT too, and has already been posted. The really curious thing about this is that Fujitsu have just started a tie-up with Samsung and are using their glass in the new VHA31:eek:


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It's about time governments took a stand against those who steal intellectual property. Dyson took years to get recognition and damages from Hover. Smaller companies often put lots of investment in to a new technology, taking the risk and solving many of the problems, only to have someone else steal the idea. However, because the thief’s haven’t gone through the same inventive process, they often miss out on many of the features which made the original so good. They simply don’t understand what they’re copying.

Put another way, if I invent a car which runs on water and you steal the idea, I've got to take your to court (eg - Dyson vs Hover). This is expensive and time consuming. But, if I wrote a song and you stole it from me I could get the police to charge you, I wouldn't take any further involvement or costs.

If Samsung are guilty of theft, good on Fujitsu and the Japanese customs!

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Panasonic gave them the tin tack.
On the issue of VHA31 I spoke to Fujitsu support in Sydney (really friendly & helpful) they hadnt heard of the model. He said he would ring me back after checking it it out.

He rang back three days later and said after checking with Japan that the VHA31 is a Europe only model and will not be coming to Aust.

The VHA30 will continue to be made with panasonic glass and be available in Aust and from what he said everywhere else bar Europe.

Dont know what this means, and whether its just a short term thing (ie continued availability of VHA30 elsewhere).

Seems like a strange marketing strategy


Interesting. Must be the 1st time nobody is going to be ringing me asking if I've got the NEW model, they'll all be asking for the old one!

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