Jap PSP compatible with uk version?


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OK, so i didn't pre-order one, and my birthdays coming up, don't want anything so thought my gf could get me this. My brother has the uk version (or will have on his birthday) what i want to know is, are they compatible? I want to play wireless games with him, were going up to scotland, 8 hours drive, and this would be a good way to pass the time. I'm aware of the films issue, and believe they both are region free for games. Can it just be verified that the wifi and all the other gizmo's will work the same, don't wanna get stung with incompatability problems. I have seen the white one's going on E-bay cheap, but they don't seem to get the interest of the UK models. Is there something i should know?



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All that should matter is the region of the games (ie you both need two version of the same game, be it UK, US or JAP). The region of the PSP shouldn't come into play, though there is apparently an issue with Tiger Woods Golf.


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If you buy a psp from overseas it would look cheap but dont forget the high postage and import, duty, vat etc

What makes you think the white ones dont get the same interest as the black UK ones? I have sold in total, 60 black jap psp's and 50 ceramic ones, I think I would be able to sell another 50 white ones if I could get more!!!

8 hour drive - I would get a psp car charger!!!


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Thanks guys.

Yes i am aware/concerned about the amount i may get for import tax, don't know how much it's likely to be, and delivery is £28 alone, guess i'll just have to make sure i find one at the right price. I assume no UK ones will be available in the near future? Especially none pre-order...?
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