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Just been watching Kerrang and saw Jane's Addiction's Jane Says Live song - I thought it was very unusual. I haven't heard anything from them before and was wondering if all of their tunes are similar (kettle drums etc)?

Also does anyone know what venue they were at and if it is available on DVD?


themoron :mad:)


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AFAIK Janes Addition have three albums.

Nothings Shocking - with 'Jane Says' (1988)
Ritual de Lo Habitual (1990)
Strays (2003)

There was a big break up (drugs etc haha) in the 1990s and the guitarist (Dave Navarro) joined the Chili Peppers for one album (One Hot Minute). They reformed last year with a new album (played on Jules Holland - which was IMHO a bit of a shambolic performance!!)

I saw them in Manchester last year and the last encore was Jane Says (with the kettle drums!). Actually the album version just really fades out with the drums, and the concert version was amazing - just normal lighting, all the band in a row at the front singing along. Amazing how effective such a simple song (two chords all the way through I think). Almost brought a tear to mu eye!!
Anyway, hope this helps - you can certainly pick up the first couple of albums cheaply. Even if you don't like the rest of the stuff just buy the first for Jane Says, play it at max volume and imagine us lot at the Apollo last yearsinging along!


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Philly's facts are spot on. I've never had the fortune to see them live (saw Navarro with the RHCP though), but all three albums are corkers IMHO.

Personal favourite? Nothing's Shocking. Nothing that much like the live version you saw, but they're one of the bands who always have something interesting on their albums. It was seeing the reformed band on the MTV2 5 year thing last year that prompted me to dig the first two albums out again, and I haven't regretted it!.

Anyway, off now. Got tickets for Laibach, which should be ummm, interesting...


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Thanks guys.

I think I might get one of those albums. Probably Nothing's Shocking then. They are a bit different to my usual taste (HIM, MM, System of a Down) but what the hell.


themoron :mad:)


Ritual de Lo Habitual :thumbsup:

and while your at it, buy Faith no More's .....Angel Dust
Rage against the Machines...self titled album
and Chilli Peppers ...Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Then you have all the funk rock metal stylees going, you wont be disappointed with any of them. From the heavy metal aggression of RATMs rap metal, through the alternative off kilter FNM and on to the more rock/pop oriented sound of the Chilli's.

If you start to hear something you like in that lot, a direction you want to follow and expand..................:thumbsup:

Can your credit card stand it..........


Pretty sure Janes did an (live ?) album or ep called triple x, or xxx ?

Also look out for porno for pyros too....



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It's a 10 track album but it was just titled 'Janes Addiction' and was released on Triple X records. Some of the tracks (inc. Jane Says) went on to be re-recorded for 'Nothings Shocking' (surely their best release).

Gotta say I was disappointed with Porno For Pyros though!


They've always done 'Jane Says' this way at gigs. Saw them in 1990 in Brixton and they finished with it.

One of the best gigs I've ever seen.


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