Jamo unveils new Website and Brand Focus

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    Jamo has today announced the launch of a new website that coincides with an enhanced brand focus as it moves forward in 2012. Heading into CES and the New Year, Jamo product design recommits its passion and devotion to timeless Danish design, seamless lifestyle integration and balanced audio solutions. This news follows the recent investment of resources including a new brand headquarters in Paris, France, and the appointment of lead product designer Glen Fuller.

    Staying true to form-following-function ideals, the focus will deliver Jamo products that further this concept and aim to emphasize the beauty, simplicity, functionality and overall perfection of Danish design.


    To deliver the brand’s most noteworthy products to date, engineering will incorporate powered and wireless functionality to simplify and enhance the customer experience, all while delivering the balanced and robust sound signature for which Jamo is known. Illustrating this heightened commitment to product development will be all-new powered subwoofers, powered speakers, wireless kits, THX-certified components and custom install products.

    “In Danish design, there is a deep respect for function and a genuine interest in the interplay between user implementation and their surroundings.” said Fuller, director of brand management for Jamo. “By forging decades of Jamo tradition with never-before-seen forms, we intend to garner universal appeal that signifies the brand’s ability to impact listening means and lifestyles.”

    To digitally articulate and represent the Jamo brand moving forward, Jamo.com has undergone a complete redesign. Taking a content-centric approach, the new Jamo.com intends to improve visitor engagement with new product topics and stories, as well as media meant to be both entertaining and informative.

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