JAMO S608 vs POLK AUDIO Tsi 400


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Dear all,
Thanks guys for make this forum very active.i appreciate your efforts.

I am new here and new into hometheater.i would like to buy a system.I would like to know which one do you prefer...

JAMO S606/S608 or POLK AUDIO tsi-400 for the floorstanding.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi and welcome.

The two speakers that you mention are not top of the Buyers lists here in the UK.While having some followers,the Jamo S608 is on very limited availability to us, mainly from Mainland Europe.

I would think that there are only a very few members who have auditioned/compared both models.No one is going to say that the Jamo are definitely better than the Polk or visa versa because all of their personal circumstances,Listening conditions,Amplification,their Ears! are all different.

If both models are readily available to you,then get an audition preferably using the same model of amplification/source that you own.A home audition,if possible would be ideal.

Good luck,



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Thanks a lot for the reply.
I will try with both models and choose the best one for me.Both models are available here so i will do as you mentioned above.

Thank you.


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i have denon 1611 amp and want right speakers for it whether i should go for polk audio tsi300 or tsi400

Please help me in this
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