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Jamo i300 to PS3 connection help needed


Established Member
I've just purchased the jamo i300 for my ipod and the sound is amazing!

I want to hook it up to my ps3 so i can use the speakers for games and blu ray.

The jamo has a 3.5mm auxiallary output on the sub so i just bought a 3.5mm to toslink optical cable to link it to the optical input on the ps3. The cable I bought is in the link below:
Toslink to 3.5mm Optical Cables - Quality Range


Its not working!!! What am i doing wrong???
I have changed the ps3 sound setting to optical rather than hdmi as it was running through my panny hdtv.
I cant get any sound through the speakers at all...
Have I bought the wrong cable?

Any help would be greatly apreciated as I dont really know what i'm doing!
Thanks in advance


Prominent Member
Unfortunally your Jamo takes an 'analogue' signal via a 3.5m stereo cable, you have connected an optical cable that only works with a 'digital' signal. Unfortunaly the cable will never work with your equipment.


Established Member
ah i see...
could you suggest a cable i could get??
Do I Need a converter plug or something like that?


Distinguished Member
In addition to the HDMI cable for video, you'll need to connect up the supplied av cable (disregard the yellow composite video cable) and connect the red/white audio cables to the Jamo via an adaptor. It appears according to a quick google it has twin 3.5mm aux inputs, so you will need to buy one of these


Established Member
ok thanks for your help

so i just connect the supplied av cable to the ps3 and the the other end to the jamo sub via the adapter.

I'll give it a go :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Yes. Make sure you change the PS3 audio settings in the setup menu to use the AV cable. I can't remember what the term is but there is a picture of the cable on screen, it might be stereo. It won't be 5.1 but it will be a pseudo surround effect like Dolby Pro Logic 2 or whatever mode is on your Jamos.

Let us know how you get on. :)


Established Member
I realised I could get it working by just using an old mini jack to stereo red/white audio cable I had lying around and connect the jamo direct to my hdtv!

doh! dunno why i didn't think of that earlier :rolleyes:

It sounds great....i guess it makes no difference doing it this way round and bypassing the ps3??:clap:

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